How it Works

The Okulette (Speed Easy) Budding Patch has several advantages over conventional strip ties.

  • It is biodegradable and perishes at just the right rate.
  • If the scion volunteers (before the rootstock top is removed) The patch will be sufficiently degraded for the scion to grow through and not be girdled as it thickens.
  • Therefore, removal of the Okulette (Speed Easy Patch) is not necessary after removal of the rootstock tops.
  • Okulette Speed Easy Budding Patches are immeasurably quicker to apply than any form of strip tie!
  • Speed Easy Budding Patches will reduce your labour cost with quicker application and removal not necessary. One person applying patches can service more than one budder.

For those propagators that use a grafting technique which is unsuitable for the Okulette Speed Easy Budding Patches. We have rubber strips in a selection of widths and lengths of Flexiband. Also NEW types of Flexiband which biodegrades more quickly.

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